Are you a video creator and want to create a soundtrack for your video? Are you a music maker and want to use tools to help those who want to make music? Want to become a developer that is part of artificial intelligence in music? Well, this where Jukedeck, London-based tech start-up seems to tick all the boxes.

Jukedeck is an artificially intelligent (AI) music composer that creates original music from scratch. The use of the Artificial Intelligence is achieved by using neural network technology, the AI can create where an algorithm has been devised, which is programmed to read the music and learn what notes, chords and combinations work in order to compose good music. The AI can compose and produce original tracks in a number of seconds. Furthermore, as this is a neural network machine-learning AI, this means that the more data that is inputted, the better understanding that the AI knows to play after the next note or the note value.

Currently, the start-up has customers from 169 and have created upwards of 1 million tracks since the AI became of use in 2015. Businesses known to have used Jukedeck tracks include Coca-Cola, Google, UKTV and the Natural History Museum for background music. Customers who use Jukedeck are able to set parameters for the AI to follow. Music parameters include the genre, the instruments, tempo of the music and the length of the track. The service is quicker and cheaper to use than using a traditional human composer.

What the co-founders promise is that composers will not lose their jobs due as they use the analogy 'art is about more than just the work itself', highlighting that people will be interested about the artist's back-story and personality rather than the music solely (as the AI have not developed any emotional intelligence, yet). Furthermore, the co-founders believe that humans writing music at impulse will be popular and would not been seen as a 'lazy way out'. Most recently at a K-Pop concert, the Jukedeck collaborated with Enterats (a South Korean music and entertainment company) to create K-Pop anthems and add human emotion to the songs (not lyrics or vocal). The founders believe that AI creating music with musicians such as Liam Gallagher would be possible and that the next step would be to create music for classical composers.

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