JustPark: The App Finding You A Parking Space In Seconds!

Parking. Modern society’s biggest problem. More time is spend looking for a parking space then browsing the shops. Is the stress really worth it?  

The problem of parking would eventually get the worse as time goes by. But JustParks innovative idea has led to making thousands of people’s busy lives much easier. JustPark has looked at a problem that is faced by highly urbanized cities (across the world) and has found a commercially sustainable way to solve this problem. 

JustPark is online platform that is Europe’s leading provider of pre-bookable parking. The company is part of the growing sharing economy where the crowd interacts directly with each other to trade products and services. JustPark connects drivers in search of parking with anyone who has a space going spare, whether in a car park, private driveway or school. So this means that is you have a parking space such as a driveway, you can ‘rent it out’ to people looking for car parking space. If you are in search for a car parking space, simply log onto the app and it will show you the closets convenient parking space and the cost of the space.  

The Fees; Car park space owners – Space owners do not have to pay to list on the JustPark website. It is entirely free. Whereas the fee the driver pays will obviously be depended on the location of the car parking spaces and the demand for car parking spaces at that time. A service fee charged by JustPark is included in the total of every booking and is equivalent to 20-25% of the total cost paid by the driver at the point of checkout.

There are a number of benefits of this app; save time by pre-booking parking, you have a guaranteed space waiting for you at your destination. No need to look for change – No more digging in your pockets for change as all payments are done online. Another benefit is no more wardens! No need to panic about getting a parking ticket. Alongside this the JustPark team provides great support with their dedicated customer support team in-case of any problems you might have. JustPark offers drivers numerous advantages as mentioned above. It allows you to pre-book parking spaces so that you can save time and money.

JustPark aims to solve the age-old problem of circling the streets in search of a parking space, by connecting drivers in need of convenient and inexpensive parking with property owners who want to earn money from renting out their underused parking space. 

This is the evolution for parking spots which can potentially overtake high-priced car parks.