Keeping Workplace Culture Alive

Workplace culture is an important part of keeping team cohesion and the collaboration strong, in order to achieve targets and ultimately reach success. 

Setting and implementing changes to find your ‘identity’ as a business is important. Existing employees and new employees joining the business have to buy into the company ethos and way of working. 

The challenges that various workplaces have had to deal with due to Covid-19 has not been ideal for both businesses and the staff. Having to adapt to different circumstances and a new way of working has seen a more flexible approach for UK businesses. 

A part of working remotely or under strict safety measures has meant that interacting with colleagues hasn’t quite been the same. Most have had to rely on virtual communication tools to conduct meetings. During a tough time, employees may be apart but keeping the workplace culture alive could be a very important and welcome factor for those who may be struggling. 

For those seeking new opportunities or those in the early stages of their new positions, finding the right culture fit is important. It’s not just important for them, but also for the business too. Bringing in the right people is vital. Employees that feel happy and satisfied with their workplace and colleagues, are more likely to stay with the company for longer, work harder and be happier. 

As the UK aims to get back to some type of ‘normal’ safely, if you’re on the lookout for a new opportunity, here are a few things to consider: 

Do your background research – Do some research on the company. Head over to their website, find out more about their history, testimonials from staff and what they prioritise as a business. 

Employee Reviews – Looking at company reviews by former and current employees is a great way to find out more about the culture at the business. You won’t find out everything you need to know about the business during the interview, so by investing time into doing some research will be very valuable. 

Social Activities – Social activities are a key part of keeping work culture alive. If you’re naturally social, you’ll want to find out the activities the company plan outside the office. This may be weekly socials or the occasional day out. Keep the team bond alive with fun, engaging activities! 

Working from home often makes it feel slightly harder to integrate with a new workplace culture — we don’t have the opportunity to chat with people over a cup of tea in the kitchen or over lunch. 

The technologies available today provide businesses and employees with a range of solutions.