Kokoon Tech - The Worlds First Sleep Sensing Headphones

It's Tech Wednesday today at Blu-Digital and we want to introduce to you an amazing Start-up company called 'Kokoon Tech'. Now, you're probably wondering what on earth is Kokoon Tech, but we hope this article will enlighten your thoughts. 

If I said to you, you could get rid of all the noise our lives are filled with would you believe me? Well look no further, Kokoon Tech have invented a device that uses active noise cancellation technology to cancel out sounds around you. Whether it's the rumble of a plane, a snoring partner or a busy cafe, Kokoon ensure's you're not interrupted. What a perfect way to relax! 

Say hello to a device that allows you to relax whilst commuting in the mornings, helps you to concentrate at work and also helps you to rest when you're having sleepless nights. 

Kokoon protects your sleep with active white noise. As you sleep, the device introduces white noise specifically designed to mask disturbances and promote better quality rest. Kokoon have designed a patent pending audio seal which works to stop external noise penetrating the headphones to reach your ears. 

Kokoon finds the lighest point in your sleep cycle to wake you, so you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. Their smartphone app also monitors your EEG data and gives intelligent insight with a nightly sleep score.

Kokoon headphones have been engineered to deliver he highest quality audio performance which makes the perfect travel companion with folding ear-cups and an included carry case. It has a premium 40mm electro dynamic driver, bluetooth 4.0 & 3.5mm cable and ONLY weighs 350g/12.3oz!