Looking Back At M&S Store Closures

There seems to be an occurring crisis with High Street stores. After the closure of Toy r Us, there have been other stores that have also been effected such as Maplin, restaurant chains such as Jaime's Italian and Prezzo. The talk of the town currently are Marks and Spencer who have announced that 100 stores will close by 2022. Of the 100 stores, 21 have already been shut and M&S has now revealed the location of 14 further stores to close. Find out if your local store may be effected here.

The reason behind the closure of many M&S stores are that it seems that sales are falling within the clothing and homeware departments, whilst, the food department is currently the 'life saver' for the retail store. The plan for M&S is to move a third of its sales online and plans to have fewer, larger clothing and home-ware stores in better locations.

So the question is, 'what can M&S do to avoid further closures and attract more people back into its stores?'

This very much applies to the current situation in 2020.