Looking Back At The Emergence Of Bitmoji's

Have you ever thought of what you would look like as an animated character? Bitmoji allows you to find out! The famous application allows users to create animated versions of themselves which they can share on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Bitmoji generating from bitstrips, a Canadian web and mobile application which allowed users to create comic strips using personalised avatars, gave users the first chance to create comic like characters. 

The application allows you to customize your Bitmoji in so many different ways. From facial features to clothing, your Bitmoji can look just like you! Bitmoji’s are available to use on both Apple and Android phones and is free to download. I personally never started using Bitmoji’s until last month! It wasn’t really an application which excited me, although the combinations available to customize your avatar makes it incredibly difficult to resist trying at least. 

The release of emoji’s on social media made it an exciting prospect when interacting online and with the introduction and emergence of Bitmoji’s, users feel free to express their feelings by using a Bitmoji rather than an emoji. The Bitmoji brings back memories of the famous Sims which allowed users to create their own characters and interact. Once users have finished creating their Bitmojis, the app will generate various bitstrips with different subjects, with your avatar as the main character. 

With the emergence of Bitmojis, users are constantly entertained whilst interacting with friends and family as well as having easy access to your avatar. With Snapchat recently adding 3D Bitmoji AR lenses to avatars, the only question remaining is – what next for Bitmoji?