M&S Launches 46 Ecommerce Sites Overseas

As high-street retailers face an uncertain future due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of Europe’s most well-known names, Marks and Spencer, have announced their expansion of Ecommerce websites to almost 50 new countries. 

M&S products are hugely popular and well-recognised in the UK; and with this expansion, this gives customers in other countries the chance to purchase M&S products. This increases their online reach to over 100 countries and further increasing exposure to many more countries. 

The motivation behind this expansion is M&S’ focus to increase it’s online business under their ‘Never The Same Again’ transformation scheme, doubling the amount of international markets that it has an online presence in. 

Many retailers have had to adapt their strategies in the wake of Covid-19, with a focus more on delivering sales online – as physical stores remain closed. The 46 websites offer a mix of products from M&S’ home and clothing range. 

M&S are determined to drive their online growth through international channels. They recently announced a 75% increase in international ecommerce sales, outlining the increase in customer spending online during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

They have also confirmed their new international channels are available in 10 additional languages, with a range of currencies. 

M&S international director Paul Friston said the expansion allows M&S to “explore underlying demand in these markets without significant upfront investment”. 

“Launching in an additional 46 markets means we can now reach a number of new customers who can purchase online with M&S for the first time and receive our fantastic M&S products in a few short clicks” he said. 

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