Mailchimp Moves Into Ecommerce Support

Mailchimp has become one of the go-to platforms for building newsletters and attractive email campaigns. Offering a range of services and plans for it’s users, Mailchimp has also offered various integrations for Ecommerce sites. As part of its ongoing evolution, Mailchimp has confirmed it’s plans to launch it’s very own online stores for small and medium businesses; as well as a new appointment booking service. 

The marketing automation platform and email marketing service currently has more than 14 million customers in the Ecommerce space, and they have been asking for more commerce features for a while. 

Mailchimp said: customers have been asking us to add more commerce functionality to our marketing platform.” Close to 40 percent of the firm’s 14 million customers “are in the commerce space,” and as of last year, 61 percent “identified as offering services.

The new service will go under Mailchimps “Website & Commerce” plan, where users will be offered a free tier, which includes most of the basic functions. As part of their plan in the US, users will pay $10 a month in order to remove Mailchimp’s branding, so they can use their own. In addition, users will get access to email and chat support and only pay a 1.5% transaction fee. 

Users that sign up with the plan will be able to build unlimited pages and have access to SEO tools and integration with Google Analytics. For the online stores, users will be able to keep on top of orders, build their product catalogues and manage their shipping and taxes configuration. 

Mailchimp’s new Ecommerce features are set to become available for Mailchimp users both in the U.S. and U.K. on May 18th, while the appointments booking feature will become available for all users on April 28th.

Our goal is to not just help merchants to build their stores or online presence — we aim to help them build their audiences to attract shoppers and receive orders, too,” the company says. “That means small businesses don’t just see purchase or schedule information, they’ll be able to see which emails or social posts drove traffic and purchases on their site, or be able to easily target repeat customers with automations based on their browsing and purchase history.

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