Make Your Remote Interview a Success

Our way of working has been altered due to the current health crisis the world is facing. That doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped working; clients and candidates will continue to receive the best service possible. 

As social distancing has come into play, remote meetings between our candidates and clients is now done via video. Interviews can be conducted live in a suitable setting. Although there won’t be a physical meeting, the interview will still be as it would under normal circumstances; so it is important to prepare well.
Conducting remote interviews will not always go smoothly due to potential connection issues or background disturbances. 

Here are some tips to ensure a successful remote interview: 

Check Technical Equipment: 

It is important to ensure all your technical equipment necessary to carry out the interview is working beforehand. This will mean tech such as your microphones, camera and relevant software are up and running well in advance. If an issue was to occur with a desktop or laptop, a suitable alternative may be using your mobile phone or tablet. 

Have a Secure Internet Connection: 

This can be one of the most common disturbances when it comes to video interviews. Internet connections may vary, but it’s important to establish a secure connection during the interview to prevent lagging or ultimately, a loss of connection. This applies to both the candidate and the client. 

Dress Appropriately: 

The interview may be remote but it’s still an interview. Be sure to dress how you would if you were going to meet your potential employer at the office. Of course, it depends on the job you are applying for, as well as the environment you may be working in. However, it is still vital that you dress appropriately and set a good first impression. Ensure the surroundings are tidy. 

Be Prepared

Do your homework just as you would for a normal interview. It is likely your potential employer will test your knowledge on the business. Do some research on the business, go back and look at the roles and responsibilities of the job and also prepare some questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview. It may help to have a notepad at the ready. 

Be Personable: 

Don’t just highlight your technical skills but also demonstrate your personable skills. Make sure you make eye contact as often as possible, smile often and generally engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position. 

Remove Distractions: 

Removing distractions will enable you to fully focus on your interview. Ensure your phone is turned off, including the house phone; turn off the TV and radio. 

Do you have any preparation tips that work for you? We'd love to know!