Marketing leaders back stricter regulations against harmful products

The UK government recently announced plans to ban junk food advertisements from television screens and online before 9pm; to take effect from 2023. This isn’t the first time the government have tried to take action to tackle the issue of obesity. 

Their plans have been met with a mixed reaction from trade bodies and the UK’s leading marketers. Trade bodies have continuously protested against the government’s plans, but the majority of marketers would back further marketing restrictions on products and services which are considered harmful. This is according to research by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The report highlighted marketers concern for advertised products that harm the environment, which included smoking and gambling services.  

Their report found: 

  • 76% would back further marketing restrictions on products that damage the environment
  • 72% would back limitations on gambling and 58% on products aimed at children.
  • 54% are in favour of new restrictions on HFSS products, 34% in favour of restrictions for alcohol.

CIM’s chief executive Chris Daly believes the feedback they have received from marketers shows there is now a need for marketing with a purpose. 

“Marketers have been at the forefront of helping the nation adapt to the strictures of lockdown, and in doing so have built stronger relationships with consumers,” he explained. 

“To prosper, a professional marketer needs clear parameters within which to work. Give them the rules and a level playing field and marketers will adapt and deliver.” 

In the same report, marketers expressed their concern over the lack of regulation across social media platforms. More than half (54%) of the marketing leaders surveyed believe there is currently too little regulation of social media. 86% say professional marketers should encourage social media platforms to do more to protect users.