Marketing Recruitment: Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

The concern and debate surrounding the effect artificial intelligence will have on future jobs is ongoing speculation. The possibility of AI making future jobs automated, however, is a real possibility. 

One of the industries that could experience the consequences of that is the recruitment industry. The introduction of AI in recruitment would be welcome, as it will improve the efficiency of task completion. Sourcing candidates, organising CV’s and sorting candidates into categories are could be the assistance that AI provides. This would also lead to part-time workers and organisations cutting costs. 

However, most recruitment agencies’ marketing communication is conducted by humans; so AI replacing humans completely would be very unlikely. During the hiring process, there are ways in which AI could provide a convenient but possibly negative difference, due to the technology which we have available. Video interviews are on the rise but they could become the norm; which in result could in a barrier being created between the candidate and the organisation which they’re applying for. 

With all the capabilities which AI can provide, there is also the fact that there may be limitations. There is only so much that AI can tell you about a candidate, and limiting human contact during the process could lead to potentially recruiting a un-ideal fit. A list of skills and credentials could suggest the suitability of a candidate but other factors may suggest otherwise.