Mush: Start-Up By Mums For Mums

Mush was created by two mothers, Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz, and launched its app in May 2016. The free app gives mothers access to other mothers nearby, making it easier than ever to connect, share stories and make friends.

Almost like Tinder, Mush matches mums up with other mums who are like-minded and with kids of a similar age, therefore making it easy and simple to find the best matches. You can even join local groups of mothers with ‘Mush-ups’, which are essentially meetups in your area specifically for mums where they can meet up with their friends from the app and let their kids play together. 

The startup could help mothers too feel less alone and to help re introduce themselves into society and to an understanding community. A poll by with over 2000 mothers found that a staggering 92% of them admitted that they feel lonely, with 53% feeling more friendless than before they had children! This is where Mush come in, offering mothers the ability to make valuable connections and friends with like-minded mums. Essentially, Mush aims to create communities for mothers, both in the digital realm as well as in the real world through shared advice, stories and events. Mush’s vision is to be every mum’s social community app, and to make sure that no mum ever does it alone. 

The startup has received plenty of positive reactions and investments, notably raising over £900,000 on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube from over 600 investors. While Mush is only currently available in the UK and Australia, they understand the demand from other countries and aim to be able to branch out worldwide in the future.

Checkoush Mush here