Must-have words to include on your CV

Preparing the ideal CV to submit for job applications entails details, both major and minor. The battle most often find is how long their CV should be; but as well as the length and structure of your CV, the keywords you add also make a huge difference. 

Recruiters and hiring managers come across dozens of CV’s each day, making your CV catch the eye isn’t an easy task. Of course, experience and skillset are key indicators as to whether a candidate will be suitable for the role, but the words you use also show the level of career you’re currently at. Hiring managers do not spend too much time examining CV’s, so the keywords in your personal statement are crucial. 

But which words are they? Let’s take a look: 


Showing your results orientated is likely to gain the attention of any hiring manager. But without proof, the statement isn’t convincing enough. Instead of saying you are “a great digital marketer who is results driven”, you could say “we grew online sales and revenue by 50% over a 6-month period.”  

Bringing “Value” or being “valuable”  

Value is what every employee strives to bring to a business. By using these words on your CV, it shows that you are thinking about how you can improve the business. You could be punctual, a “good communicator” and “hard working” but although those attributes are good, a focus on being productive and making progress will resonate with hiring managers. 

Provide examples 

Providing examples of problem-solving or achievements doesn’t just have to be left for the interview, you can also provide examples of your abilities and achievements on your CV. In addition to the hard and soft skills you possess, provide actual examples of your job duties or achievements. For example you may have assisted in developing a training program, helping onboard new hires remotely or overseeing a project from start to finish. 


Commitment is an invaluable attribute that any employee can possess. This shows hiring managers that you are dedicated to your work from the beginning to end. This is one of the single words that can have a positive effect to the overall viewing of your CV. Recruiters and potential hiring managers can gauge your dedication, leadership and enthusiasm from the word. 


This is a word which more senior candidates could find useful in adding to their CV. They’re more likely to have led or played a senior role throughout a project. However, saying you “led” a team may be a bit generic for a hiring manager. To provide more detail, by including verbs such as “orchestrated” or “collaborated with other departments to ensure each stage of the project was completed” are more specific ways to explain your input. 

Make your CV easy to read 

As we mention previously, hiring managers won’t have the time to go through each CV in detail. But they will be ready to pick out anything interesting and elements which stand out to discuss with you during the interview. Be sure to include the most important elements of your CV at the beginning so it instantly grabs the attention of the person reading it. 

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