National Walking Month

May is the National Walking Month, a month where charities urge everyone to abandon their cars and trains as their commute to work, but grab a comfy pair of shoes and walk in. In particular, these charities target schools, persuading the school children to get their parents involved. The British Heart Foundation is one of these charities that really drills the importance of exercise. They have assigned a particular working week within the month, aptly named Walk to School Week, where between the dates of the 21st to the 25th they ask teachers, children and parents alike to walk in every day. 

With a quick google search of National Walking week, you’ll find a surplus of online magazines suggesting different ways you can get your boots on and get to the outdoors. The Great Outdoors is one example, and during the month they advertise different skills that are associated with walking, from scrambling to navigation they, and companies alike try and make these course accessible to limit the obstacles getting in the way of you being active.

There are thousands of these types of apps, all designed for fun, and a good way to keep you motivated, and to improve. We’ve come a long way from the endurance masters that we were when humans first evolved, but now its time to get that fitness back. 

Here are some of the walking apps you can use: