New year’s resolutions for career progression

Every time a new year comes around, the first thing that comes to mind are resolutions for the year ahead; whether that be a healthier lifestyle, saving more money, or the desire to be successful. However, when it comes to your career goals, these should be given just as much thought. we’re sure you have aims and ambitions you’d like to fulfil in order to see growth and success in the long run. 

And as the industry continues to tackle the digital skills gap, employers will be looking to hire and retain talent who are able to fill in those gaps. If you’re looking for new year’s resolutions to ensure career progression, we have a few tips. 

Update your CV 

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind. After a year of learning new skills, achieving goals, and perhaps making a transition, ensuring your CV is up to date with all the necessary information should be one of the first points of action. For both job seekers and those who may be starting new positions, an up-to-date CV is highly advised. 


In a fast-moving industry, the key to staying on top of your progression and also appealing to employers is by developing your skills. By doing this, you’re demonstrating a willingness to continuously learn and develop in your career. 

Gain an industry certification 

One of the results of upskilling is your chances of gaining an industry certification. An industry certification not only demonstrates your knowledge of your field, but also increases your chances of employability. Not to mention, it looks great on your CV. 

Build your personal brand 

How can you stand out in a competitive pool of talent? Well, by making yourself unique. Establish your personal brand, and showcase your skills, personality, and talents. A good way to build and establish your personal brand is by having a portfolio (somewhat) where your work and achievements are available. 

Take the initiative 

Recruiters and hiring managers take the initiative by sourcing and getting in touch with talent regarding new opportunities. If you’re looking for a new challenge, reach out to employers, build your network and establish relationships – you’ll find your name in the right places. 

Challenge yourself 

Speaking of challenges, perhaps the best way to develop your career is by taking them on. This may be going for a promotion, reaching incentives, learning new skills, or a new job in a different sector. Challenges will build and develop your employability traits. 

Measure your work-life balance 

The importance of a work-life balance has been highlighted in recent times, but before you can decide where you’re at, you’ll first have to measure it. Trying to achieve maximum performance on a consistent basis can be challenging, and that is why getting the balance right between work and relaxation is vital for your well-being. 

Attend a networking event 

Networking online is convenient for the majority of professionals, and thanks to new tech it has become even easier to attend and host. However, there are also advantages to attending events in person. You get to engage with fellow professionals whilst building your communication and organisation skills. 

Read a career-related book 

As well as learning new skills by taking up a course or watching tutorials and webinars, another great way to keep informed and educated is by reading books. Whatever your field, there will be a range of books to help you learn even more about the sector and how you can continue to be a part of it. 

A new year is a fresh start; and now you have your new year’s resolutions sorted, go ahead and make it a successful and great year to remember!