Phone Interviews: Be Prepared

It is possible that before a face to face interview recruiters may schedule in advance a phone interview with you, or you could even receive unexpected calls. Phone interviews are necessary to narrow down candidates before arranging interviews after reviewing CVs, also it helps to minimise expenses involved in interviewing. 

If you are actively applying for jobs online expect to receive calls from potential recruiters, so always answer your phone professionally, and also remember to have a professional outgoing voicemail message. 

How do you prepare?                                                                                                         

Firstly, practise interviewing, prepare questions and practise with a colleague, this will help you realise whether you talk too fast or slow, mumble your words, repeat yourself or not answering the question effectively. 

What to do?

Have your CV in front of you, so you can answer questions by referring to what you’ve written. For instance talk about your achievements, your role and responsibilities in your previous work place.

Take notes whilst you listen to the recruiter, they will give you important information about the job specification and the company, this is a good opportunity to write down question you may later want to ask. 

Make sure you are in a quiet place, or go to a quiet place if you are in the move, you do not what to be distracted by your surroundings. 

While you are talking, do not smoke, chew gun or eat, this will come across very disrespectful and unprofessional, you are not having a chat with a friend, you have to be professional, even if they don’t see you they will know if you are eating. Also try to smile because it gives your voice more energy and enthusiasm when you speak. 

Do take your time answering questions, speak clearly and do not interrupt the interviewer.

Do remember that the aim is to set up a face to face interview, therefore at the end of the call thank your interviewer and ask if is possible to meet in person.

Phone interview can be nerve-racking , do prepare yourself if you have scheduled a call, also be ready because you can receive unexpected calls. This is why is important to apply for roles that you really want, so you will put more effort in understanding the role and what you will bring to the table, so when you are asked about it you will be able to answer.