Podcasts Aiding Your Career

There’s no doubt that the way businesses around the UK are looking at their recruitment strategy is now very different than maybe a few months ago, which isn’t music to the ears of candidates searching for roles. 

However, there are still steps candidates can take to ensure they’re still in the hunt for a role in the near future. We’ve covered the need to brush up CV’s and how you can stand out to recruiters. A new way to gain new tips and stay motivated could be listening to a podcast. All podcasts are different in the tone and message they send to the listener; so finding what’s for you may not be the easiest task. 

There are many podcasts available for jobseekers, across various platforms; providing tips and motivation to keep going. We look at a few of the podcasts you can enjoy over the next few months. 

Find Your Dream Job

Finding our ‘dream job’ – if only, right? This podcast, hosted by Mac Prichard, offers listeners valuable tips on CV adjustments, answering tricky questions in an interview and why you should put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes at each interview. Mac is joined by expert job searchers in every episode, who could have answers to your questions! 

Safe For Work

With mental health becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion in the workplace, this podcast provides guidance on how to take control of your wellbeing. Host, Liz Dolan, former Head of Marketing at Nike, discusses how you can create a positive workplace for yourself so you look forward to going to work each day. A recent episode covers: Staying connected to your team outside the office. 

Switch, Pivot or Quit?

If you’re currently in a job but considering a change in career, tune into this podcast! Host, Ahyiana Angel, has been through a few career changes herself, so experience isn’t lacking. As a past author, she provides tips and advice on how to make a smooth transition into a new career. 

Career Tools

This podcast was launched in 2010, with the sole purpose of providing candidates with pointers on how they can take their career to the next level. Career Tools covers essentials like interview preparation, Google job search tips and tips for working from home. With endless episodes, you’re bound to take a thing or two from career tools. 

Eat, Sleep, Work and Repeat 

This could be a good listen for those at managerial level within a business. This series looks at how we can make working environments better; such as implementing team-bonding activities. One of the recent episodes featured a look at Microsoft’s recent cultural reinvention. How does NHS promote team-bonding? Find out by tuning in! 

Whatever you’re looking for in your career; tips and advice await you. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to? Let us know! 

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