Preparing For A Digital Future

The job market has changed for thousands of candidates in the UK due to Covid-19. As more candidates look for new opportunities, current workers are unfortunately losing their positions, adding to increasingly competitive talent pool. 

As employers look to adjust to a ‘new normal’, they will be scouting the market for candidates that have skills which are currently in demand. Companies are beginning to not only consider but adjust towards a digital future. They are doing this by investing in digital technology which will enable them to work effectively remotely as well as hire candidates on a permanent or contract basis, that have the necessary skills to come on board and settle in immediately. 

This is why in the digital market, there is a need for candidates to gain digital skills in order to be ready and prepared should opportunities arise. 

Microsoft recently announced that more than half a million people in the UK have learned new digital skills in the past three months, by taking up online Microsoft and LinkedIn learning courses.

A total of 509,474 people in the UK have taken up a LinkedIn, Microsoft or GitHub course, this sees the country rank third for the most learners in the world.

The amount of people out of work currently in the UK is estimated at around 1.4 million, and that is expected to increase in the next few months when the furlough scheme comes to and end in late October. 

Josh Graff, UK Country Manager at LinkedIn, believes that their free LinkedIn Learning courses have undoubtedly helped many people in the UK gain the digital skills in which employers are looking for. 

He said: “We’re delighted that our free LinkedIn Learning courses are helping so many people all over the country gain the critical skills that employers are looking for today. COVID-19 has highlighted more than ever the importance of digital skills and how key they are to securing new jobs and setting people up for the long-term. We hope these resources help anyone facing challenging circumstances reskill for some of today’s most in-demand roles in the digital economy.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised “radical changes” to the adult education system” in England to help those that wish to learn digital skills. 

There may be candidates that have worked in sectors where the need for digital skills have not been extensively required, however, due to changes in their sectors or individual roles, the need to have these skills has become vital. 

Clare Barclay, CEO at Microsoft UK, has emphasised the need to get the UK economy back on track and that starts by building skills we need. 

She said: “As a country we face multiple challenges, but we believe that learning unlocks opportunity. Today, more than ever, individuals, businesses and government must build the skills we need for tomorrow. Because if we fail to act now, the UK could easily be left behind in the global economy. There are no better investments in our future than the kinds of accessible, lifelong and flexible programmes that the Prime Minister has announced.” 

If you are interested in gaining digital skills, you can visit Microsoft’s skills initiative here.

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