Qatalog: The tech start-up aiding hybrid work

Working remotely is something many workforces have learned to do over the past year and a half; but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. 

With the number of benefits that come with working and collaborating remotely, there are also various distractions and barriers that can get in the way of being productive. Apart from the issue of being productive, it can also be challenging to keep up with more than one project, whilst collaborating and communicating across a number of platforms. Qatalog’s aim is to stop that from happening. 

The London-based startup was founded in 2019 by Tariq Rauf. Prior to beginning Qatalog, Tariq was Product Lead at Amazon and Product & Engineering Lead for Growth at Transferwise. Their official partners include household names in the technology industry, such as: Microsoft, Zoom and Google Workspace. 

Qatalog’s aim is to “organise the ingredients of collaboration” bringing tools, the people and projects all to one place (work hub); allowing teams to find whatever they need, and also get aligned without having to be in the same place. With the foreseeable future consisting of hybrid work, this startup was launched at the right time. 

As well as finding documents and information, the remote onboarding process can be tricky when done remotely. Qatalog offers employees the chance to track onboarding progress and goals. 

Qatalog offers a range of products enabling workers to get access to information about other people and teams in an organisation. These include: Search, Projects, Goals, Directory and Workflows. They have played a part in shifting the way we think about the workplace. Additional resources can be found on their website, including insights and reports to the current challenges and solutions to hybrid working; and regular updates on new features and services they offer. 

Teams can request a demo from Qatalog to understand their needs and what they can do for their team. 

Find out more about Qatalog and their service via the video below: