Relating To Younger Audiences

For many years, businesses have been constantly attempting to relate to different types of audiences. This is dependent on what they are selling of course. But other than that, businesses main marketing aims have always been to try and relate to their chosen audience. For the companies that have one specific consumer such as Huggies, which produces baby products and therefore their target market is parents, it is always pretty straightforward in the sense that it is a specific type of person. But there are businesses that aren’t as straightforward. Supermarkets have always somewhat directed their marketing tactics onto adults and more specifically at women with families. This traditional technique has been the usual route for many companies such as Iceland, with their campaign for ‘that’s why mums go to Iceland’.

Sainsbury’s is another supermarket that has used the tactic of aiming their marketing strategies towards women with families and have now realised that perhaps taking a different strategy would be a better and more refreshing approach. Unfortunately for their past plans, Sainsbury’s have realised that the business is now just associated to mums and family women. But the matter of the fact is, everyone shops at Sainsbury’s and as of September, they have decided they want to take a different approach and include the younger customers into their marketing scheme. Sainsbury’s is looking to appeal to fresh generation of shoppers and that’s a smart decision to make. 

The way in which Sainsbury’s have gone about performing this is by using a popular social media platform within their latest advertisement. Snapchat is one of the biggest and most used platform at the moment and Sainsbury’s have used their ‘Snapchat Spectacles’ in order to shoot their most recent advert. This is a great example of understanding the audience and using their interests to grab their attention. 

As it is a very new advert, it is not yet shown as to whether or not this tactic has worked. But from looking at what they have created and understanding their reasons, I would personally say that this advert is at the very least, one step towards gaining the interests of the group of millennials.