Rewinding Back In Time

Growing up as a 90's kid, a VHS player was the absolute dream. Knowing you had your favourite TV shows or Disney movies on video to watch anytime, is bound to make you smile! Whether they were at home or rolled into the classrooms, they filled every kid and teacher with joy and relief. The way we watch films and TV shows has definitely evolved over the years. We have gone from video players to DVD players to online streaming. This has not only helped movie lovers save money, but it has also helped those of us who would rather store everything in one place than having a dozen DVD cases lying around. 

When I was growing up in the 90’s, having VCR tapes was the go-to way in order to watch films (as opposed to waiting for the film to appear on a TV channel). As that was the only method, most of us felt honoured to own one. As well that, owning VCR tapes was also an alternative to the modern day catch-up on demand TV. By having a blank tape, you could use it record your favourite TV programme that you had missed during the day (or most likely, if your show was past your bedtime!) and then re-watch it when you had the time.

As the 2000’s entered, owning VCR started to decline as DVD’s and a DVD player were taking over and becoming more common in households with kids having racks and racks of DVD stored in their rooms. With this, the development of technology in DVD’s had reached new level strides. By the mid 2000’s, DVD’s were not only compatible for DVD Players but also compatible on Computers and Game Consoles (such as the PS2) which meant that owning a DVD player was not a necessity as previous, but DVD’s in general were still valuable.

Blu-Rays began to take centre stage a few years after DVD's were released. The fall of VHS players and DVD's did have an effect on businesses such as Blockbuster and HMV. With the rise of Netflix and catch up TV it is very easy for users to log into their accounts any time they please to watch their favourite films and shows online, past or present.