#Samegoals Spearheading Women Into Football

Since Manchester City’s Women’s team was re launched in 2014, going back to grassroots and youth development was outlined as a key objective.  Establishing their girl’s academy in 2016 was a mark of huge progress. In an effort to make more strides forward they launched a campaign going by ‘SameGoals’ to inspire more girls to get into football. 
Manchester City’s #SameGoals campaign aims to encourage more girls whatever their background to pursue football and to keep playing. This campaign will see the club send out more than 2.000 limited edition footballs in return to every video sent in featuring a girl scoring or saving a goal. Videos are uploaded via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SameGoals. 
Steph Houghton, Manchester City captain, said: “My first memories of football are kicking a ball about on the playground. You really can play anywhere once you have a ball, which is why Same Goals is such an exciting initiative. We’re getting girls to give football a try and providing them with a ball so they can keep practising.

“Inspiring the next generation of players is important to us as a team, to be considered a role model is an honour and we hope what we do today can make a difference. It all begins with a ball and from there anything is possible.”
This campaign follows the success of Manchester City’s launch of ‘Same City, Same Passion’ which also aimed at promoting the women’s game.  The main theme being that regardless of background or gender, football is still the same game. The campaign focussed on demonstrating the skills, excitement and passion in the women’s game exists whenever and wherever a ball is kicked. Women’s football has received some rapid growth in recent times but despite that, the common perception still doesn’t match what’s viewed on the pitch. 
Since the re-launch of City’s women’s team they have made great progress but they are not the only club in Manchester making big steps to mark equality in the beautiful game. Manchester United have finally launched their own women’s team which undoubtedly has been due for a while and will be a great boost for the women’s game. United were rare exemptions despite being one of the established top forces in men’s football. Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool have all been present in women’s football for a number of years with United until recently giving in to join the other top domestic clubs.