SEO’s Underlying Importance

It’s old news these days to point out that you need SEO for your company or business. But it’s old news which will always be relevant. 

The first instinct of most people these days would be to Google something and try and find a website for it. And first impressions of the website count. This means that how your website appears and how it ranks in Google search is important – which you probably (or should) already know!

Here are a few tips on how you can optimise your website. 


It may seem funny that we’re talking about the importance of blogs… in a blog. But it’s true. Regularly uploading new and interesting content for your website will keep it looking fresh and relevant – and Google will pick up on that. And if someone likes what they read in one of your blogs, then they are more likely to remain on the website – or think positively of the business or company. 


These are the words which you would like associated with your business, and which you would like to promote. Keywords are the ones which will be typed into the Google search box – and which you want your company to be a result for. The best tip for using keywords is to write a list of the words you want to push. You can then incorporate these into your website. But don’t think that stuffing a keyword in every other sentence means that you will rank on page one – Google looks for quality, not quantity. It’s much better to have a dedicated page to each keyword. 


Google Analytics is one of the best SEO tools you can use to monitor your optimisation. If you don’t know how much traffic your website is driving, whether the number is increasing or decreasing, what visitors are interacting most with etc. then you won’t know whether the hard work you are doing is making a difference. 

Google Analytics may look overwhelming at first with all the numbers and toolbars but it’s pretty straightforward once you know what you’re looking at, and there are articles in abundance online to help you get to grips with it.

These are all only very basic starting points for SEO, but most of the time SEO is about very basic and easy things you can do to make your website better. Good luck!


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