Should you opt for a digital Christmas card?

The festive season has commenced! It’s the season where shopping takes place, office parties are organised and Christmas cards are exchanged! 

As well as traditional cards, electronic cards are rising. They are a great way to celebrate any occasion; whether it’s a colleagues birthday, seasons greetings to a client or you wat to surprise a friend. 

If you’re considering sending them to colleagues, family and friends, we’ve got some valid reasons why you should! 

You can personalise them! 

The ability to customise cards has become the norm, thanks to online businesses such as Personalisation in marketing is key to making the audience feel at home – the same applies to the card. 

E-cards give you the chance to personalise, including adding elements which apply to the audience(s). Colours, text and pictures are key elements that make up any card and you can do that with a digital card.

Christmas is a great time to create, download and send a digital card  to the person(s) of your choice! 

They’re cost effective 

One of the major benefits from sending a digital card is that it’s very cost effective! Traditional cards can take time and money, having to print, get a stamp and send via post. Obtaining a digital card can be a much quicker and convenient option. 

Timely delivery! 

If you’re worried about your card being delivered to the recipient on time, digital cards take away that worry! A digital card is perfect to deliver right before your Christmas break! 


Unlike traditional cards, the analytics attached to your digital card allow you to track not only the delivery of the card, but also how effective the messages and campaign have been. Perhaps one element in the card was received well, that same element can be used for future cards. 

Sustainability benefits

For those who are committed to the cause for a healthy environment, digital cards are a perfect solution. By switching to eCards, it shows you or your company is embracing change and technical development but also is environmentally responsible.

More and more consumers are gravitating towards brands who are committed to sharing responsibility to protect our planet, digital cards are the perfect opportunity for you to do the same! 

Whether you’re purchasing your digital card or looking to create one, we hope the benefits we’ve listed inspire you to consider to spread Christmas greetings digitally this festive season!