Social Media Holding Bitcoin To Account

‘Britain gives Facebook the thumbs down’ and other such damning headlines have made social media’s bad press even worse lately, so a much needed PR exercise was just what the doctor ordered. Enter Twitter, who are looking to ban cryptocurrency ads in the fight against scammers.

In all fairness, Facebook had already seized the initiative, along with Google, so perhaps Mark Zuckerberg will yet be forgiven for my Messenger account being hacked earlier this year. 

But enough of my problems. With Bitcoin also making the news for all the wrong reasons lately, this is a timely intervention as well as proof that the social media giants are taking no chances. In light of recent events, however, the cynics among us will probably argue that it's not as if they had much choice. 

The cryptocurrency phenomenon is being likened to the Internet in terms of exponential growth, as well as a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity, so in terms of technical hitches it was always going to be too good to be true. It's reassuring therefore, that the vast global communities who use Twitter and/or Facebook will be safe under these new policies.