Social Messaging In 2020

Social media use is getting higher and higher each year! Sending messages across platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook have become a normal part of the day. With those platforms seeing great success, platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have also adopted their own messaging tool to allow users to have a casual chat across their platform. 

According to recent research conducted by singlegrain, 10 billion messages are sent across Facebook messenger every month. WhatsApp has 1.6billion active users and 55 billion messages are sent every month; making those two platforms the most used social messaging applications. WeChat (889 million users) and QQ Mobile (706 million users) are not far behind. 

It’s pretty clear that the numbers provided are not just users sending selfies and emojis to their friends all day, and in 2020 more businesses can take advantage of these platforms and connect with their consumers directly. With social media surging continuously, targeting your activity to where most of your customers lie is a no brainer! The use of social media will also enhance personalisation, giving value to user experience. Companies like Amazon do this very well, by looking at user behaviour and acting accordingly. 

50% of users have said that they are willing to shop at a company that communicates with them directly through a messaging app. Boosting sales, providing assistance, bringing in whilst regaining current customers are only a few of the reasons for a brand to consider using messaging apps. If you haven’t done so already, perhaps a New Year’s resolution could involve the creation of a social media account!