Tech Essence: Revolutionising Marketing Campaigns

Who are Tech Essence and what do they do?

Founded as a start-up in 2014, London based Tech Essence is Software as a Service (SaaS) online marketing technology solutions provider. They do this by helping its clients and businesses make decisions through optimizing and measuring their multi-channel marketing attempts.

With Marketing Town, Tech Essence sees this as their main product for this start-up. As their main product, this platform is viewed as changing the way data and traffic is traded and are seen by as “the next generation of campaign management, tracking and analytics technology”. In addition, they help advertisers and agencies improve their campaigns by use of state of the art reporting and allowing their customers and clients to save time and money as well as making a profitable digital channel. Benefits of Marketing Town include a clear view of performance data by having transparent partner relationships plus gaining real-time valuable insights of data, an extensive network of examined UK data suppliers and have standard due diligence checklists and data processor agreements. 

With challenges such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Tech Essences’ Marketing Town provides solutions to help customers overcome the Regulation. This includes enhancing the clients’ privacy program, supporting the attempts to minimise risk, ensuring compliance and protecting the clients’ brand. 

Since 2014, they currently serve 32 clients, with some of the clients including the likes of Amazon, Dennis Publishing, Financial Times and Play Tech. Furthermore, they also have fewer than 1000 partners as part of its exclusive network. Testimonials include Paul Evans from Data Rocks who stated that “We'd highly recommend Marketing Town to anyone involved in data management as it has streamlined all our processes and most importantly saves us time every day. The lead delivery is efficient and accurate. It's very simple to use, we learnt the system in a few days, and if ever we have an issue the guys fix it straight away."