Technology Mindful About Mental Health

As we come to the end of mental health week, it's been interesting to note how various mediums have helped create awareness of this still misunderstood subject. You can always rely on social media to lead the way with a barrage of inspirational videos and life quotes. But what technology is there that aids people in getting over such issues? 

The fact that there's been no breakthrough in the development of mental health drugs for some thirty years means that tech is increasingly at the forefront. Anxiety and depression are becoming that little bit easier to live with thanks to modern advances. 

There are thousands of apps available, most coming with a specific purpose such as mood tracking or helping with eating disorders. Therapy through video or text is now a reality of course, as well as more intricate methods such as Google screenings to detect depression. You can even download an album with all proceeds going to mental health charities. 

As wonderful as all of this is, there's the risk that some will become over reliant on such ‘self help’ without seeking a professional opinion. If mental and physical health are to be on a level playing field, then surely that should be right across the board.