Technology Transforming Music

Technology and digital resources have revolutionised the way we make music. The many tools and programs available to anyone who wishes to start in the music industry can enable them to make real miracles!

You don’t need a special talent or know any kind of musical instruments. You just need patience, dedication, and a little craziness to get involved with programs like Ableton and Logic Pro.

Those programs are the alternative for a home studio. Everything can just starts in a simple computer and then progresses for other tools as MID keyboard, microphones and synthesisers. Those ‘nerd’ material are the first step to become a famous DJ and producer. The rules have changed from the traditional way to make music, and the position of DJ has been upgraded to a pop star, lets say a ‘DJ star’. The Disc Jockey now has the main position in the clubs and stages, record albums and videoclips, compete for international awards, they are famous even in the most remote of countries.

The big list of Top 100 comes with great names and great surprises. Who on earth would imagine that one day the super star Michael Jackson's albums ‘Bad’ (1987) and ‘Dangerous’ (1991) would ever be overtaken in the Top ten by a DJ!? Yes, Calvin Harris made this brilliant fact come true with his album ’18 Months’ (2013). More than that! He is the first artist ever to have no less than eight Top 10 hits from the same album. While Michael Jackson reached 7 from both.

The technological transformation for the music world is already here. This change makes us think about old concepts and how to redefine our thinking. In the case of the DJs, which category they are in? They do not need to play an instrument or sing, which in theory takes them out of the musician category. In fact they just need to make a perfect transition between songs without people noticing the difference between them. When it comes to making music, the category of DJ changes to Producer. No matter what category DJ's fit into, Calvin Harris still managed to beat Michael Jackson in the records!

Neither the profession or the musical style are defined nowadays. The partnership between different musical genres is getting more common. Remarkable names as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding and Sia are just some of the artists who count on Calvin Harris to create pop hits with elements of electronic music. With this in mind we have a computer program being used in a place of a human being. The synthetic noise comes from the machine has nothing with the original rules to make music. Then comes the philosophical question: What is music?