The Accessibility Of Digital Technology

Digital technology is everywhere these days, we use to access the internet for everything we do. Modern digital culture is reliant on decent Wi-Fi and we barely make a second thought as we go about our business on the internet; balancing finances, ordering food, shopping. We can catch a bus, broad a train or even an uber without a second thought as digital currency flies from our wallets through the air. When we set down in front of our TVs or laptops and summon up the latest digital film from Netflix in seconds, even gaming online and ordering food or shopping from Amazon we take all this of this remarkable technology for granted.

So this invisible energy that surrounds us, kinda like the Force in Star Wars, does our bidding and gets things done, yet we can’t see it. Has anyone actually taken a moment to think what the internet must look like as it rushes through thin air?

Well until recently this wasn’t a possibility but now thanks to the latest digital technology and the ingenuity of designer Luis Hernan., you can ACTUALLY see the internet.

It is crazy to think that we can now visualise this mystical force that carries out our will and pretty much hold the modern world together as we know it. These pics make you think of the internet totally differently!