The Christmas Ad that Aimed To 'United The World'

We’ve seen a flourish of Christmas advertisements brace our TV screens in the last few weeks, but there is an argument to say that when one particular Coca-Cola truck appears with the words being sung “Holidays are coming!” that’s when Christmas has officially arrived. 

With this being the season of festivity and goodwill, following their highly iconic Christmas advert which has been around for years, Coca-Cola is launched another Christmas advert in 2019, with the aim to unite rather than divide us. With the UK now looking more divided than ever, because of political differences, this is a campaign to encourage unity around the whole world. 

The advert shows Santa Claus preparing for Christmas, with the narrator mentioning that he is “learning information about us” and is “sneaking into our homes, while we sleep”. But what should we do? Welcome him. The ad then ends with Santa Claus drinking a bottle of Coke which has been left for him with a note.

That narrator states that if we focus rather on what divides us, then we will forget about what we love about each other.  The ad encouraged us to be kind to each other this Christmas because, despite many of us enjoying the luxuries of the festive season, there are millions in the world that are not lucky enough to do the same. 

The ad will run alongside Coca-Cola’s traditional Holidays are Coming campaign, which got its largest media spend to-date in the UK.

Watch the advert here