The Digital Skills You Need!

Candidates face a very competitive job market and the need to ‘stand out’ is even more apparent. During a tough 2020, the digital landscape has changed, with businesses opting or in fact being forced to take a digital approach. As candidates face increased competition to secure their position or begin their careers, employers are now seeking candidates with specific skill sets. 

Whether you have some years’ experience under your belt or you’re only beginning your career, being up to date with the current and required digital skills will leave you in good stead; presenting you with opportunities. 
It’s certainly an exciting time to be working in digital, with various digital trends and innovations gracing the sector. The latest technologies are providing efficient solutions to business operations and decision making. Being able to provide the consumers with a unique experience, bringing consumer satisfaction, is a priority for businesses. As a candidate in the digital sector, this also becomes your responsibility. 
With the range of online resources, courses and opportunities available, the possibilities of attaining the necessary skills are certainly possible. 

As well as digital skills, companies are also looking for the correct interpersonal skills and qualities within a candidate. These skills include: 

  • Creativity 
  • Organisational skills 
  • The ability to collaborate 

We’ll take a look at the digital skills currently in-demand. 

Programming and App Development 

One of the essential skills required to work within a digital company or developing a technology product, is the ability to code. Some of the in-demand programming languages at the moment are: Bootstrap, Angular, PHP/JavaScript, and MySQL and jQuery. As more businesses seek experienced and talented coders, these skills have appeared consistently as one of the most sought after digital skills. 

If you are a contractor, having a portfolio that contains previous work related to programming could aid your application, whilst demonstrating your talent. This will give you a good chance to land your ideal digital position. 

Digital Project Management 

Project management is a desired skill by tech companies, but it is also an important part in the development of digital products in a timely and cost-effective way. Some of the well-known digital project management tools include SCRUM and AGILE – being familiar and having an understanding of these tools will help your CV stand out. 

As well as being able to utilise the necessary tools, you’ll also pick up interpersonal skills including effective team communication and collaboration skills, working with colleagues from different functions. 

Digital Marketing 

 Many businesses now have a digital presence, providing an alternative for their consumers who can still have access to their services. Tech companies will always be looking to promote their products and services; and if you have an understanding of the digital marketing tools that will help your company get the most out of their value and connect with their audience; this is a great benefit. 

These tools include: 

  • Analytics 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing 
  • SEO

Digital Business Analysis 

Digital Business Analysts help companies make the best decisions by bringing in an objective and independent mindset through a range of proven analysis to determine business investment. Digital Business Analysts have an important part to play because they are the centre of all the digital transformation projects within the business. 

They will also research information related to their industry to better understand what's happening in their industry's market. If you possess the qualities that are needed, you will certainly be in-demand! 
Just like app developers and programmers, digital designers are popular among the skills and expertise employers are seeking. As a digital designer, you are responsible for what is created and produced for the viewing on a screen. If you are a designer with experience in creating dynamic and effective user interfaces, then you’re exactly what employers will be looking for! 

There are different types of digital designers, including: 

  • Graphic designers 
  • Web designers 
  • UX designers 

Whether you’re a UX designer or a graphic artist, understanding the specifics of designing for digital platforms will help you take your career to the next level. 

Photo & Video Editing

Video content is on the rise and is an effective part of business content strategies. Video has evolved from just a form of entertainment, to a major social media driver. Most social media platforms now have a ‘story’ feature, allowing users to upload short video clips or imagery in succession.

Video is more appealing to millennials as a vast amount spend most of their time across social media channels. Being able to connect with consumers via video is a great way for consumers to see the brand on a more ‘personal’ level. By combining the emotional power of social video with the reach and of digital advertising, markets can tap into a growing market of engaged consumers.

There are various video software’s that can be used to create and edit video clips, including Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink Power Director and for Apple users, Apple iMovie.

Just like video, content that features imagery is also hugely popular in producing engaging content. Whether it be content that is viewed on the timeline or on the website, you’re able to reach your current and potentially new audience, from a different perspective. Like video software, there are also photo editing tools you can use to build your skills. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightoom are amongst the most-used software’s. 

Content Marketing 

For many hiring managers, content creation has become one of the leading skills when looking to engage with their audience's needs and boost overall engagement. A website or social media page is driven by its content and without it, customers have no way of understanding the benefits of a product or service.

Whether that is writing blog posts, producing videos, creating infographics or podcasting, content creation is an essential skill to add to your CV to make it stand out. Perhaps you may have hobbies outside of work that involve you producing content. You may have your own personal blog or you may be a freelance video creator or editor. By including these on your CV, this shows that you have a passion for content, whilst demonstrating your skillset. 

The key thing about digital skills is that they can be used in any job role. If you possess one or perhaps a few of these skills, you become more versatile and the chances of securing a new position become more promising. 


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