The Ecommerce Skills You Need!

The world of online is always evolving and it’s no secret that we need to keep up with it. Ecommerce is going through a successful period and the future is predicted to be very bright for Ecommerce. 

As opportunities open up in 2021; it’s important to identify not only the current trends within Ecommerce but also the current skills in demand you need to equip yourself with to have a successful career in Ecommerce. 

As more businesses are looking to maintain a digital and online presence in 2021, there are certain skill-sets which will be appealing when seeking new talent. If you possess these skills, it gives you a better chance of standing out from the rest and securing a new opportunity. 

Skills in demand 

Whilst many businesses suffered from the impact of Covid-19, Ecommerce saw massive growth due to the change in consumer habits. As a result, Ecommerce businesses opened up opportunities in order to deal with the demand and maintain a strong service online. 

Software Development 

One of the skills in demand within the Ecommerce industry is software development. There are constantly new Ecommerce solutions, including the use of automation, CRM, website design, customer service and more. Businesses are looking to hire experience software developers familiar with various software developer languages such as Java, C++ and Python. SAP Hybris, Magento, and Sitecore are just a few of the e-commerce solutions that are popular among growing Ecommerce businesses. 

We are seeing a rise in demand for software developers and that is likely to remain high as Ecommerce companies look for ways to differentiate their online offerings from competitors and gain new customers on a large scale. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Being able to attract to most attention to your Ecommerce site is increasingly competitive. SEO is a very valuable skill to have and they go hand-in-hand with other marketing skills such as copywriting, data analytics, A/B Testing and an understanding of keyword use and content marketing. There isn’t a simple trick to boost SEO; it takes strategic thinking, extensive data analysis and reporting. 

As more Ecommerce websites emerge in 2021, due to platforms making it easy to set up online stores, SEO will continue to drive revenue for Ecommerce websites.

Businesses will be on the lookout for SEO specialists that know how to work with developers and designers in order to optimize the online experience and increase conversions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest digital trends that we’re set to see make a difference in 2021. AI-technology will be a major influence on Ecommerce activity; how Ecommerce companies conduct their business. The emergence of chatbots has enhanced the customer service process. Although AI may replace current roles, for example in the customer service sector, it may also open up new opportunities for experts that specialise in and know how to integrate and utilize them.

AI is being integrated into our everyday lives and we are seeing a demand for AI experts and businesses will continue to look for AI driven solutions. 

Data Analytics 

Being able to understand your customers and how you can reach them is crucial, especially in a crowded marketplace. Individuals skilled with data analytics will be able to look into large amounts of data and gather insights to action. More companies are relying on data to influence business decisions. As business dependency on data increases, the demand for data analytics roles has also increased. 

If you have an eye for data and are able to make accurate predictions and judgements, then you will stand a good chance to appealing to employers. 

Data analytics looks set to remain one of the most in-demand Ecommerce skills in 2021 and beyond for digital and technology professionals, as the analysis of mass stores of consumer data continues to be improved and enhanced through AI augmentation.


The shift in Ecommerce will continue by the way of digital, as consumer behaviour looks set to change in the long term. 

As well as the excitement surrounding Ecommerce, it is vital that all business and digital professionals are made aware of the ongoing changes and the skills in demand and what is required to be able to keep up and have an effect in the current market. 

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