The growing demand for coding skills

As digital products and services continue to dominate the modern world, the digital world is seeing a growing demand for talented coders. There has been a change and heavy focus on the way programming has been taught due to the skills in Java and HTML in particular. 

The market has seen a surge in the demand for programmers over the last two years; businesses are beginning to create opportunities (permanent or contract) and rely on programming specialists to manage their websites. It’s not uncommon to find Java and HTML at the top of the list for required skills for many tech job vacancies – those who do not have an understanding of these languages will find it difficult to compete for positions. 

A coder’s ability to not only spot issues but also troubleshoot, allows them to fix web page problems as well as Java that can help to manage web-based applications. 

For those who have the knowledge and have perhaps pondered their next career step in tech, maybe it’s train to retrain their coding skills. According to Connect East Midlands, Northern Ireland, South East and London are the regions that see the most demand for coding opportunities. Although with hybrid working generating more opportunities than ever, your ability to train and work will not be hindered by location.  

One of the benefits professionals can find in this field is the salaries being offered are considered; especially for experienced coding specialists. 

Although Java and HTML are by no means considered “new technologies”, they are still required in many workplaces so it’s definitely worth learning to code. Whilst businesses now have to be more agile with various coding languages to keep up with, HTML and Java are still amongst the most popular and sought-after. 

As Ecommerce websites continue to become more prominent and web-based applications are growing in popularity, the demand for these skills will continue. 

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