The most in-demand tech skills for 2023

As the technology industry boom continues, the growing demand for skilled tech professionals who can meet user needs is increasing. 52% of technologists are open to changing employers in the next year. 

By candidates equipping themselves with the necessary skills, they will not only be playing a role in decreasing the existing skills gap but as a result, will be providing unique experiences.  But in order to do this, candidates must have the skills to be effective. 

Not only are user needs constantly changing, but hiring managers’ requirements are evolving to match. Innovations such as cloud computing and data storytelling are transforming how data is stored and analysed, whereas cybersecurity threats are at the top of every business’s priorities in 2023. 

We look at the top technology skills in demand for 2023. 

Data Storytelling 

One of the key skills an increasing amount of employers will be after in 2023 includes the ability to handle data – data communication and storytelling precisely. As the number of jobs that require data handling increase, candidates will be required to do more than just handle data and interpret it. This includes data collection, preparation, visualisation, analysis, and storytelling. The key is being able to transform the data into information that can be shared as insights. Understanding how to compile reports comes as a valuable skill. 

Cloud Computing 

By 2025, the cloud applications market is expected to be worth $168.6 billion. (EXPLODING TOPICS)

60% of the world's corporate data is stored in the cloud. This highlights the growing importance cloud is having on businesses. As businesses strongly consider cloud migration as an important part of their digital transformation, those who don’t follow the trend could very well be left behind in their growth. However, in order for businesses to successfully implement this transition, they’ll need to hire top-tier cloud professionals who are experienced with programming languages which include  SQL, Linux, and cloud technologies such as Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.  


Every 39 seconds there is a hacker attack (astra)

300,000 new malware is created every day (astra)

The introduction of hybrid working and new malware, has somewhat made businesses more vulnerable to cyber-attacks; with employees using their own devices and the internet. Data protection has been and will continue to be the top priority for businesses, and due to various high-profile data breaches in organisations, this has reduced trust between customers and businesses whilst damaging reputations. 

To combat cybersecurity threats, businesses are on the lookout for talented cybersecurity professionals who are well-versed in cyber risks and practices to join their respective teams. To highlight skills such as cloud computing and data storytelling, cyber experts will be required to work on projects such as dealing with cloud migrations and handling sensitive data throughout 2023. 

Machine Learning & AI 

AI has become a key part of daily life, and more businesses are incorporating it into their strategies. Chatbots are a popular and very important tool when enhancing the customer experience. 

83% of companies claim that using AI in their business strategies is a top priority in 2023. (Exploding Topics) 

In order for businesses to take advantage of the increase in demand for AI and Machine Learning, they will be looking for talent that possesses specific skills. These include knowledge of the domain, programming languages, and predictive and data analysis. 

User Experience (UX Design)

With the increase in AI and digital apps, in particular, ensuring technology is user-friendly is a top priority. This cannot be done without talented UX Designers. They have an important part to play; everything from the style of text and font to colour and themes as well as functionality. The launch of an app is not the end of the process, it’s rather the beginning. They’re constantly being updated with new functions and capabilities. 

For businesses to be able to deliver the best possible user experience, they will be on the lookout for UX Designers who can carry out effective market research, design wireframes, and extensive coding knowledge could give you a major competitive edge in the job market. 

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