The Power Of Instagram

The power of Instagram

Instagram’s influence has been surreal over the last few years with now 400 million users worldwide. The fundamental concept of Instagram is to provide individuals a visual platform to express whatever they want ranging from either art, travel, food, fashion, make-up, fame or activism. For Instagram to provide such a platform to so many different scopes only reflects how dominating its presence is within the digital app realm. 

Fashion and make-up

Every designer has an Instagram page allowing their followers an update of their newest collections regularly. Some fashionistas on Instagram even take the opportunity to sell their products and gain more followers to expand their business. As for make-up, many make-up artists have gained a lot of popularity through the power of Instagram. They utilised their skills and this digital app to fulfil their dreams and passions. The most successful make-up artists are even then approached by colossal make-up brands to form collaborations. 


Many Instagrammer’s have taken the chance to express their concerns about matters that they feel passionate about. Some have expressed their concerns about poverty, the environment, sexism and the immigration ban enforced by Trump. 


Celebrities usually take to Instagram to share their pictures with their fans. Amongst the most followed celebrities are Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. They also usually promote brands that they are ambassadors for or brands that they may own. Selena’s Coco Cola picture on Instagram, until today it remains the most liked picture on Instagram, one can only imagine the effect this had on Coco Cola. 

It is safe to say that the benefits of Instagram if utilised properly whether for business or simply leisure proves to be immense. It has gained people fame for themselves, their business or even cause hence the power of Instagram is hefty to say the least.