The Rise Of Online Film

Films is a massive industry that’s been around for many years. From black and white, fuzzy with a million dots, to the crispy and colourful vision of today. With that, throughout the years, films have been developing in terms of where we have been viewing them. Yes, there has been the cinema which came about in 1905, but I’m specifically talking about the different forms that the movies have been on. 

1985 was when blockbuster had first been created. It held many videos of over a thousand films up for rental. It was simple, all you had to do was pick a movie you wanted to watch and rent out the video for a certain amount of hours. Because of this genius idea, many other shops opened up purely for the purpose of renting out videos. 
In 1997, the first film was burnt onto a CD and released, and as you can imagine people went crazy for it. A way of watching something over and over for the price of one DVD and this is when HMV had a quick up rise. The stores had a vast amount of DVDs, music CDs and much more to do with the current urban culture. Places like HMV, Woolworths and Argos were booming in business and therefore Blockbuster and other video rental chains were slowly dying out, everyone wanted the shiny wafer thin CDs. 

These music and film retail stores were doing incredible up until the point that online streaming came out. Online films today are how most people in the future generation (millennials) have been watching cinematic photography. Online streaming comes in different forms from downloading via different programmes, to finding them on free movie websites. People these days prefer to watch films for free rather than spending money on the cinema or DVDs, and therefore, purchasing films on DVD were almost a non-existent action which resulted in the bankruptcy of HMV. Fortunately as HMV does sell other goods, they had managed to claw their way back into the high streets and revive their stores. 

As this had happened Netflix had been on the up rise as the business had realised that people would much rather watch movies in the comfort of their own homes for a price of near to nothing. So they created the genius plan of getting people to sign up for an unlimited amount of movies for a couple of pounds a month. Even though Netflix was actually founded in 1997, the business began doing incredibly well only a couple of years ago in 2015 in fact Investopedia says that Netflix had shot up by 95.2%. 

So as you can see, over the many years, film had developed and changed in almost every aspect. It is something that will never stop changing and will always alter as you can see from past examples. Who knows what is to come, the possibilities are truly endless.