The Rise Of Veganism

Being healthy and active is massively important both in the public and private sector. However, it has recently become a fashion trend being sold and utilised by brands such as Victoria Secret Sport. Their marketing strategy is essentially having elite models performing their strict workout routines wearing the VSS attire. This passively, more or less, encourages veganism to rise. 

Well it’s essentially adopting a plant-based diet to prevent all forms of animal cruelty. Vegans do not consume any type of meat, dairy, eggs and honey. They also do not wear leather or use any products that are tested on animals.
There has been a massive increase of vegan followers and many believe this is due to the wide spectrum of social media. The vegan community have appropriately taken advantage of social media to present their information in order to educate the public about the benefits of veganism. 

Many people who choose to adopt the veganism way of life usually do it out of an emotional attachment to animals. They learn the extent of animal cruelty in the fields of animal testing, the way animals are slaughtered thus becoming a vegan is a humble attempt in preventing the exploitation of animals.

The benefits of veganism in regards of health are apparent as it increases energy, younger looking skin and it helps with weight loss. 

Veganism as a plant-based diet takes the topic of environment rather seriously. Their attempts of improving the environment consists of a greener way of life, reducing climate change and deforestation. They encourage carbon tree which is ultimately beneficial for everyone. 

On Instagram veganism is portrayed as a desirable and glamorous lifestyle, with extremely fit men and women photographed making veganism seem nothing but sexy. Furthermore, the vegan community has proved to be a supportive platform by delivering creative breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as one of the misconceptions surrounding veganism is that they do not consume enough protein and iron in their diet. Some of the popular pages on Instagram are: Vegan with 608K followers, Vegan Community with 525K followers and Vegan Food Spot with 722K followers. These pages provide the vegan community with ammunition to help animals, the environment and each other via articles, recipes and support.

The vegan society transcends through most of social media such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter. All these platforms provide recipes and assistance. As for Tumblr, some vegans have enjoyed keeping a diary telling their vegan story. On Twitter, like Instagram there is a popular twitter profile The Vegan Kitchen which wants to help you achieve the most out of your kitchen without using meat, eggs or dairy. 

Veganism is a way of life. It does promote a healthier living encouraging a more active life style and therefore it may be worth your while to try something new.