Thinking Of Becoming a Contractor?

Are you thinking of becoming a contractor in the UK? We help our clients fill a range of contract positions and there are perks to being a contractor such as attractive day rates, flexible working hours and essentially being your own boss. However, adapting to a new change can be challenging and intimidating. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a contractor, read on to find out more about the essentials you need to digest before delving into the world of contracting. 

Do your research 

Before you think about getting into contracting, you will have to conduct some research to determine whether there is enough demand for your skillset as a contractor. 

For instance, if you decide to pursue a career in web development as a contractor, there may be an increased demand for specific technical skills such as SQL or Python. If you have not been in the industry long to master a specific skill, it may be worth waiting a few more years developing yourself before pursuing contracting. 

You will also have to assess the various day rates that match with your skillsets and decide whether they match your needs. There are salary checkers online, or get in touch with us to discuss the different contracts that are available. 

“Where is the demand for my skillset?” Location also plays a part. It may be a case that your skillset is most in demand in London, so being flexible about your location may be necessary. 

Be prepared to start immediately

It’s important to remember that due to the demand of contractors, some employers may require you to start immediately – perhaps within a couple of weeks or days. This isn’t always the case, but you must be prepared to meet the clients desired end date. If you are transitioning from a current position, it’s important to time the move correctly, so you can begin your contract position when necessary. 

The contractor industry is a very competitive and fast-paced industry, so when you come across opportunities, don’t leave them waiting for long or someone else will take it. 

Research and understand IR35 

IR35 is a piece of tax legislation that directly affects contractors. The legislation was designed to stop contractors working as ‘disguised employees’, by taxing them at a rate similar to employment. The reason for this is that the increased risks and responsibility of contracting, and lack of employee benefits, are why contractors benefit from tax advantages.

Find out more about IR35 here

Get in touch with us 

Once you’ve conducted your research and have assessed the current situation in the market, you can get in touch with our experienced and dedicated consultants who can assist you with your search. Our jobs page and social media feeds are being continuously updated with the latest opportunities, including contracting jobs across various sectors. 

LinkedIn is also a great platform to build your network and keeping in touch with your network. 

Explore the latest contractor vacancies now via our jobs page