TikTok's Influence on marketing strategy

The success of TikTok is evident for all to see. Whilst it is a source of entertainment for the majority of users, it has also become an effective marketing tool, if used correctly. Whether it’s providing a creative edge, boosting engagement or introducing a more light-hearted approach to the target audience, TikTok has ticked all those boxes. 

We’re seeing social media trends grow and change by the day, and brands are doing all they can to be at the forefront of these cutting-edge trends. A huge positive for many is that TikTok doesn’t not require a huge budget to utilise. 


TikTok could very well a perfect platform for marketers to engage with their audiences – using the hashtag challenge. Top-performing campaigns can attract millions of users to create videos for the campaign. A great example would be the Olympic Games, which were completed recently. This particular campaign was a golden opportunity to get audiences to send videos of themselves recreating their favourite events. Brands of all sizes can take advantage of the hashtag challenge in a bid to keep audiences engaged. 

A good example of a business which is taking advantage of the engagement element of TikTok, would be BBC Bitesize. As results day for GCSE’s approached, users send in one word to describe how they were feeling. 


What's your one word? ##resultsday ##gcses2021 ##gcsesresultsday ##gcses ##results ##school

? original sound - BBC Bitesize

Creating a branded channel 

Another element that the use of TikTok offers, is branded marketing. Marketers can benefit from a branded channel, by making use of the app’s built-in features, effects and editing tools to create authentic content. 

With millions of users, marketers have the chance to gain some reach with original organic content. However, in order for that to be the case, the content must resonate with the audience. On other platforms, posting a brands’ message may be the key to driving sales, that won’t work on TikTok. 

Advertising to the rescue! 

Due to it’s quick success, TikTok now has the scale of competitors such as Instagram. As a result, it could be seen as a great advertising channel. Marketers can run-in advertisements on user feeds, banner adverts and sponsored challenges. In addition advertisement campaigns, marketers can target their demographic by age, location and interests. This allows them to target people that have viewed similar content to theirs. 

TikTok For Business is an option marketers can explore.