TikTok Sees Growth In Social Commerce

TikTok has emerged as one of the popular social media platforms over the past year, due to its usability for all ages, and the fact video king remains king across social media. 

The video-sharing social networking service, currently has 17 million users in the UK; and according to Business of Apps. 

Not only has TikTok seen success in platforms usage in general terms, they have also seen a surge in it’s social commerce activity during the pandemic. The platform saw shopping activity increase by 553 per cent – seeing social media platforms become the new home of competition for retailers. 

It’s rivals Facebook and Instagram also saw growth in shopping activity during the same period; 189 percent and 160 percent respectively. 

All three platforms launched new features to help the activity of buying and selling on their platforms, over the past year. 

This follows a growing trend of users opting for social media platforms to conduct their shopping activity. Shoppable posts have become one of the easiest ways to turn followers into customers on Instagram. 

Technology company, Bazaarvoice, senior vice president Ed Hill, believes TikTok’s introduction of in-app shopping will encourage brands to invest in advertising brands. 

“TikTok’s recent launch of in-app shopping will not only drive conversion with users but be an encouragement for brands to invest in advertising spend – a win-win for any social media platform. The brands that succeed in the coming decade will be the ones that take advantage of social media as emerging revenue channels, allowing them to engage and get closer to their customers.”