Tinder: Is It Stalking?

Tinder has taken over the digital world in regards to the dating scene; the popular app generates around 50 million users every month. It has been the go to app if you’re looking to meet new people and many consider it a safe application to use to socialise and who knows, maybe you could find your perfect match! 

As the festive season is upon us, the traditional ‘kiss under the mistletoe’ is starting to be outweighed by selfies and technology in general. It seems as if the winter season amongst the younger generation is the perfect time to snuggle up with the perfect person and the solution to that is – Tinder! 

Although Tinder has had a great effect on the start of relationships, recent tests have suggested that if you’re a private person it may not be the app you would want to use. Recent tests in Australia have shown that Tinder lets you see what your matches are posting on Instagram, photos uploaded to Tinder and also what music they are listening to on Spotify! Scary?

Although some may see this as an incredible concept, others may feel very uncomfortable that people may see their social media activity. Tinder is a social app, however we all believe we are entitled to privacy. The new research may scare users away from using it, however Tinder have said that their new feed is an ‘exciting’ way to see what someone is all about. That may be true, however it could reveal all the wrong things! 

Although this may come as a shock to most, users have been able to connect their Instagram and Spotify accounts to the app for months. It looks like most will be sweating at the fact they have not replied back to their matches in time, but still have the time to post selfies on Twitter (Yes, I mean you..) What effect could this have on potential relationships in 2018?