Tips On Creating A Video CV

During the recruitment stage you may be asked to create a video CV, this is the perfect opportunity to show your personality or express yourself differently to your original CV. Usually video CV are requested from competitive roles or media related roles, the competition is high therefore take notes of the useful tips below to increase your chances of impressing your recruiters. 

Planning: Write a plan of what you are going to say, if possible memorise as much as you can, holding notes is acceptable however, do not read them off the paper, is not professional, also make sure when you talk it sounds like a normal conversation instead of a memorised script. 

Appearance: Dress smart, just as you would for an interview.

Introduction: Start by introducing yourself, include contact details when editing the video.

Environment: Make sure the surrounding are free from distractions, for example standing in front of a blank background is ideal, also consider movements and sounds, there shouldn’t be anyone else in the room, no audible sounds ( tv, radio, music, pets etc.) 

Skills – (creative): You can present your portfolio through a slideshow, screenshot of your websites, design work and other relevant clips.

Purpose: Make sure your video has a beginning, middle, and end. It should not be you just listing your skills, tell a story, what do you want to get across to employers?  Think about this and how you can implement it in your video. 

Editing: Watch it back, ask for peers to watch your video, try to ask professionals to watch it rather than friends, for instance lecturers, recruiters, managers or career helpers. They are more likely to give you appropriate feedback.

Creative: Try to make it creative, if you have digital skill use them, impress your employer, stand out from competitors, and be yourself.