Top 4 Strengths Employers Look For

When equipping yourself to becoming the ‘perfect’ candidate, that usually can be a far stretch. The ‘ideal’ candidate however, is one who possess the relevant and needed qualities to succeed not only in a business, but any working environment. 

The requirements for candidates are constantly changing with the times. Your ability to come to terms with the necessary hard skills, as well as having the soft skills to match are vital. In this ‘digital age’, the way employees work has changed. Candidates are getting to grips with the ever-changing requirements and employers are becoming more flexible with their workforce. 

In order to grow and develop in your careers’, it’s important to identify the strengths that employers are seeking, which will help you stand out in a competitive environment. 

Which strengths are employers seeking?

The ability to work in a team structure 

The days of employing those who can do the job only, are gone. To be appealing to the modern day working environment, candidates must be able to recognise and fit in with the company culture. Employers are seeking candidates who are able to work well in a team structure. 

The ability to communicate, delegate and manage are all critical to the outcome of a successful project or collaboration process. When working in a team structure, you will be able to showcase your ability to lead, collaborate and organise.  

Problem Solvers & Decision Makers 

It is inevitable that you will come across a situation where you are required to problem-solve or make a decision; based on your role within the business. Those who can solve complex problems and make decisions for the better, will no doubt be appealing to employers. 

Problem solving is a combination of analytical skills and innovative and creative thinking. 

Tip: A good way to master your ability to problem solve or make critical decisions, is to come up with scenarios and establish solutions to them. 

Proficient with computer software programs

Although the importance of soft skills have been highlighted, candidates also must match the technical requirements of a role. Whilst candidates may not be expected to match every requirement entirely, knowledge and some background with the necessary software programs will pose an advantage. 

Those with a background in the digital industry and respective sectors will likely have some knowledge of various programs; however, for those that do not, there are various ways in which you can enhance your knowledge. These include 

  • Taking an online course
  • Browsing online videos and tutorials 
  • Applying your knowledge and get some hands on practice. 

Ability to plan, organise, and prioritise work

Being the ideal fit for an employee means being reliable. Your ability to plan, organise and prioritise work, especially in a leadership position, will make you stand out as an applicant. This goes hand-in-hand with being able to work in a team structure. 

Knowing when to delegate tasks, or when to prioritise important tasks, will ensure a very good chance of a project being successful. This will also highlight your ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. 

The strengths we have highlighted are commonly identified by employers. Depending on your sector of interest, conducting extensive research will help you identify the skills and strengths you not only need to be noticed, but to excel.