Top Characteristics Of a Good UX Designer

“What makes a good UX designer?” That would be a question that not only aspiring UX designers would ask, but also those already in the sector. The interesting thing about the UX sector is that there isn’t anything such as a “typical UX designer”. The reason for that is because the role requires various skills and qualities, as well as more, depending on the person. In this article we will look at the qualities and characteristics a good UX designer should possess. 

Being Creative

The ability to be creative is essential if choosing to become a top UX designer. As UX is mainly about the output of a software package, website or a user interface of some type, it is important for a designer to be aware and make good use of colour, layout and imagery. They may not have to be graphical experts but they should be able to be aware of the design principles and create decent designs. It is always easier to present designs that are good on eye than ones which are not.  

A Team Player

Being a team player is a very important quality to have, not just as a UX Designer but in any profession where a process or cycle of work is practiced. As a designer, there will be other departments which you will have to work with. These may be working with researchers or business analysts; you may also work with fellow designers. You have to be comfortable collaborating as well as assisting other team members to reach a successful outcome. 


Each year we are all faced with different technologies and concepts that could be introduced. The designers and developers may think their concepts will be successful, but that isn’t always the case. To become a top UX designer, you have to develop patience overtime. It is important to understand that not all your designs may be an instant hit, however if you continue to do the right things and believe in your ability, you will eventually. Who became successful by giving up?  


In the world of digital, there are constantly new technologies being introduced, and at times it can be overwhelming. You may have concepts and solutions which you may think will work, however others will constantly criticise or simply your designs may not appeal to the majority of people. It is important during those times to have thick skin and become very resilient. Carry on designing, being creative and trying new things. That’s what the best UX designers do. 

Open to feedback 

This could be seen as the same as being resilient. Whilst working in a team it is likely that you will receive feedback on your work. The feedback could be positive or it could feedback which are not expecting. In order for your work to improve, being able to take constructive criticism will be very important. You may feel as if your work is perfect, however receiving another person’s point of view will benefit your work. They may have ideas which you didn’t think of which could be very useful to your designs. 

There are also other characteristics an aspiring UX designer should think about such as: 

Enthusiasm – UX designers should be enthusiastic about the sector and also their designs. 

Dedication – They need to be dedicated in order to produce their best work 

Thorough – It is key for a UX designer to able to get all the details right, identifying any mistakes along the way.

As first mentioned, there is nothing such as a typical UX designer. There are many factors which would lead to one being considered as the perfect UX designer. Whenever you start something new, there always tends to be bumps along the road, especially in digital. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when working in digital, because it can be very demanding. As a UX designer you need to have a range of skills, not just with designing but also human qualities play a big part in whether you are successful or not. It's not just about believing in your designs, but also in yourself. 


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