Top Web Developer skills in demand

As the market continues to grow and be more competitive, if you are contemplating a career in Web Development, the question they may be thinking is: “How can I best position myself to land my next position?” We’ll look at the top web developer skills employers are currently seeking. 

Skills are not necessarily just technical, but also the characteristics and soft skills that make the excellent developers stand apart from the good ones. 

In order to get ahead of the queue and be appealing to employers, is to first identify which skills are in demand. If you have a degree of experience behind you, ensure your skills are clearly displayed on your CV. 

Alright, now, let’s take a look at the top skills web developers should have. 


HTML is perhaps one of the more well-known skills developers will be familiar with. From its basic functions during it’s beginning, it still remains relevant today. HTML is still a huge element of how the internet runs today. Although more ‘user-friendly’ web development applications have been introduced in recent time, HTML allows you to develop custom websites and advanced functionalities, better CMS modules, enhancing the customer experience. 

By having HTML as a key skill on your CV, you’ll certainly be amongst the talent employers are searching for. 


Providing a dynamic, interactive and unique experience is what users expect, and what developers have been providing, thanks to JavaScript. 

JavaScript takes plain and passive information on a webpage and turns it into an immersive experience. It allows you to incorporate graphical elements, animations and more. As more businesses aim to provide a more attractive web outlet, you can be sure that JavaScript on your CV will stand out with this particular skill as a feature. 


Just like HTML, CSS is the next important stage. Whilst HTML coding is vital towards the content on a webpage, CSS defines how a page would be presented on the internet. Branding such as colours, font and styles are all elements CSS influence. 

One of the reasons why CSS has become increasingly important in recent times is due to the varying devices and screen sizes that that web pages are being accessed from. CSS’ job is to make pages responsive regardless of the device the webpage is being viewed on. 

Those who are skilled in CSS will be highly sought after! 

Testing/Debugging Skills 

This is perhaps one of the less exciting duties of a web developer, but it’s one of the most important skills to have, if you are to be successful and see your work become a success. As a web developer, it’s crucial that you are always testing your webpage for possible errors. If errors are to occur, you should know how to debug them. 

Continuous testing will allow your website to perform in the way it is supposed to; unit testing is a common procedure. If you are relentless in your approach to making your webpage the best, then you’ll see your skills develop in no time. 

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Whilst SEO is not a direct skills web developers will look to inherit, learning about SEO will be beneficial as a web developer. The reason for that is because website traffic is becoming a very important for companies. If a webpage ranks high in a Google search results page, the likelihood of a visitor coming to the website is high. 

The more people visit a website, then the more users who will be exposed to your talents as a developer. As more companies are looking to invest and have good SEO, it’s a valuable skill to learn. 

Value interpersonal skills 

Away from the technical side of things, ad a developer, you’ll be working in a team and also with clients. Soft skills in any workplace are fundamental to achieving success. Building your interpersonal skills will be very important towards effective collaboration and a successful end result. Some of the key skills you should take into mind include: 

  • Being a good listener 
  • Maintaining a strong work ethic 
  • Positive body language 
  • Able to collaborate 

3 ways to improve your web developer skills 

We’ve highlighted the web developer skills currently in demand. As a web developer, there are various ways in which you can digest these skills and improve. Here a few ways: 


As they say, “practice makes perfect”. The more code you write, or the more time you practice debugging, the better you’ll become. Your desire to improve your skills will set you apart from the rest, whilst helping you learn from mistakes in the process. There are various online programs and courses to explore. 

Take a break 

Practice is necessary, but so is taking a break when needed. Taking time to let your mind rest will allow you to come back refreshed. Working constantly without a break could lead to burnout. 

Take a course 

Just like practicing and perfecting your skillset, taking a course could also help you in gaining the knowledge and expertise you need to take you on the next step of your career – a challenge you take on. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of your web development career or you have some experience behind you, being up to date with the skills in demand, matching what employers are looking for will leave you one step ahead. 

Presenting your skills in an interview is also key. Whilst you may not be able to present your technical skills first-hand in the interview, showcasing good body language, actively listening and communicating effectively, will highlight your interpersonal skills.