Transformify: Changing How Jobs Are Discovered?

Transformify is a start-up company that was first established in the mid 2000's, in the heart of bulgaria by founder and CEO Lilia Stoyanov. Now operate in London, in their Regent Square Office .

They  Specialise  in CSR  recuritment,  using the platfrom they have bulit up to help local and nationwide businesses  to access global talent. Additonally ,Transformify use their conntections to acess new markets, finding the brightest and best clients that can be used in different industries.

To find potential freelancers  , independent contactactors and employees looking for a new jobs, Transformaility  have  an online recuritment  software that is used to scope for new talented future employees. It was created as a extra help to find job seekers. Specfic criteras are set into the system to help with the pooling of candidates such as skills, salary expectations and  locations.

Due to the size of  transformify's online software platfrom they have been able to seek potential employees from 150 countries. This has resulted  in the  company  being  able to find  high quality employees from all over the world from the click of a button.

The private limited company have be able to source employees through the use of a software and bulding up relationships which has brought success to the company is this the start of compainies following the blueprint of transformaility?

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