Using Technology To Combat Christmas Shopping Stress!

Many of you will agree that there is probably no month more stressful than December! One big contributing factor to this is the Christmas shopping that no matter how hard we try, always ends up becoming a last minute dash to the shops. Considering the year and restrictions we've had to put up with, this makes it extra stressful! Here are a few tips and ways you can incorporate some technology to help declutter the Christmas shopping rush!

1) Use a comparison app like ShopSavvy to easily see where you can find the best deal on an item! Just scan the barcode and the app will find you the retailer with the best price for that item. This will help you save a few extra pounds, and will help prevent you frantically switching between a number of tabs to find the cheapest price, therefore definitely a great way to destress the Christmas shopping process.

2) Collect ideas and inspiration online or on the go with apps like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. This way, you won’t feel as overwhelmed when it comes to finding the ideal present for your friends and family. Start stocking up and compiling ideas and inspiration in the weeks leading up to Christmas to ensure you will have plenty of time to go through your lists and pick out the best choices!

3) Take advantage of next day/same day delivery services. If you do manage to leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute then you might want to invest a few extra pounds in ensuring your delivery gets to you as soon as possible. Whilst many retailers offer this service at no extra, or a discounted cost, e.g. Argos or Amazon, many will still charge you extra for this service (especially in the lead-up to the 25th). Having a guaranteed speedy delivery will allow you to put your mind at rest as to when you can start wrapping up and sending off your gifts!

4) If you need even more security in your Christmas deliveries, check out Gophr, the London based same day on demand courier service. For a small fee, Gophr will collect and deliver your packages for you, with the additional benefit of being able to track the courier via GPS so you can keep an eye on their progress!