Using transferable skills in your digital career

The skills you pickup during various stages of your career will no doubt stay with you as you progress and even if you move onto another role. These skills are referred to as ‘transferable skills’ and are not only for a specific sector or position – they can be used in any role. 

Whilst the digital sector has a demand for specific hard skills such as your ability to analyse data, develop software or design a user interface, which are all transferable in a way, soft skills are the most common to pickup and use in various positions. 

Two of the best examples include your ability to communicate effectively and your ability to problem-solve. By possessing these two in-demand soft skills, you’ll be a great addition to any business. Sometimes the strengths develop may not be seen as major in our eyes, but as well as equipping yourself with the necessary tech skills to thrive in the sector, with great soft skills you’ll fit right into the requirements for any position. 

The Digital sector

As the digital sector continues to evolve and move at a rapid pace, there are always new skills to learn and develop along the way. As Digital Recruitment Specialists, we always encourage the importance of strengthening your skillset to candidates. 

Besides analysing campaign performance, developing user-friendly interfaces, and managing Ecommerce websites, what are the transferable skills your CV and career can benefit from? 

Project Managing and Planning 

There are many traits that determine a successful project manager. These include being able to organise, communicate, delegate and problem-solve as and when an potential hiccup arises. Project management includes delegating, planning and tracking the progress of a project. 

When working in a digital environment you are likely to use your project management skills when working on campaigns, web applications – ensuring successful collaboration when delivering on time. 


If you’re seeking a successful career in digital, you must be able to adapt. Digital is changing at a rapid pace, and if you’re not able to adapt, you’ll find it difficult. The introduction of hybrid working essentially forced millions to adapt to a different way of working, whilst adopting relevant software such as cloud computing and video conferences. 

Being able to adapt will showcase your versatility in the workplace – an employers dream. This skill is especially useful when faced with a sudden problem – how do you overcome it? Working in digital, you’re bound to face challenges, and by keeping an open mind and seeing the bigger picture, show that you’re not afraid to improvise.

Relationship building 

Building relationships during your career builds trust, strong communication and helps you achieve your goals. It’s not uncommon to find stakeholder management a part of the job description; so being able to establish strong relationships with customers and stakeholders will see success in the long term. 

In a collaborative environment, which digital is, this is important. Strong relationships from the get-go, will help you be more productive and engaged at work. These positive relationships make your job more productive and enjoyable.

Creative Thinking 

A creative thinker is someone who thinks outside the box, someone who can explore new ideas and solutions, whilst taking risks when faced with problems. Being creative and working within the digital sector go hand-in-hand because the digital world is developing at a rapid pace. Your creative edge will be required should you work in content, design or social media. 

Whilst hard skills can be developed and used for specific fields,  it’s important to remember your transferable skills are never outdated and can be invaluable regardless of your sector or position.

Do you have any of the transferable skills that have been highlighted today? Great! If you’re pondering the transferable skills that could make a difference to your career progression, we hope our list has inspired you! 

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