UX trends in 2022: Quentin Louis Jayat

Quentin Louis Jayat is an experienced digital design leader with a number of years’ experience in the industry; working with well-known names at senior level. Quentin is currently the Head of UX – Ecommerce at Ocado Technology in London, overseeing all UX activity. As well as Ocado Technology, Quentin has also worked with checkout.com and ThrillCity. 

Quentin spoke to Blu Digital about his passion in UX, and why he thinks mobile will be a strong trend in 2022 and beyond. 

What are you most passionate about in Design & UX?

Design Systems: they're the base of a well-integrated omnichannel experience, a trend that will keep on growing as more devices become smart. 

Which trends have caught your eye over the past year and which ones are you looking forward to in 2022? 

Services being offered on apps only (no more web) is a massive trend of the past year, accelerated by social media (tick-tock) but also covid (all the NHS/Covid testing apps). For 2022, I think the mobile trend will get stronger. With working from home becoming the norm, offices becoming hot desks, added flexibility will be needed at all levels of society. More than ever, user-centred companies will work as people prioritise themselves over the companies they use or work for. 

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